C04 - Effects of deep brain stimulation on adult neurogenesis in a rat model of Parkinson`s disease: Mechanisms of action, stimulation parameters and correlation with behaviour

Summary of the work programme

Parkinson's disease is characterised by typical motor symptoms and various non-motor symptoms such as depression and dementia, which are conceivably related to defective neuronal plasticity. Although deep brain stimulation is meanwhile a routine procedure in advanced Parkinson's disease, the mechanisms behind its effects on non-motor symptoms remain elusive. We here propose to investigate the mechanisms of deep-brain stimulation related to the interplay between cellular brain plasticity and non-motor symptoms in a rat model for Parkinson's disease. The results will contribute not only to the understanding of actions in deep-brain stimulation, but also to knowledge of the pathophysiological mechanisms underlying depression and cognitive dysfunction.

Cooperation projects

A01 / A02 / A04 / B03 / C03

Project leader

Prof. Dr. med. habil. Alexander Storch
Tel.: +49 381 494 9511


Rostock University Medical Center
Department of Neurology
Gehlsheimer Straße 20
18147 Rostock

Fellowship holders

Felix Bernsdorff (finished)
Charlotte Helf (finished)