Summary of the work programme

The aim is to provide mathematical modelling, methods and analysis for electrically active implants. Understanding transitions between qualitatively different macroscopic dynamical behaviour due to changes of design parameters, so-called bifurcations, is important for engineering purposes and optimised medical treatment. The method of equation-free analysis allows us to systematically extract information about the macroscopic behaviour of microscopically defined systems. Applications range from parameter-dependent atomic force microscopy over bone remodelling to neural models of the basal ganglia network dynamics under deep brain stimulation to obtain novel medical treatment strategies.

Project leader

Prof. Dr. Jens Starke
Tel.: +49 381 498 6641


University of Rostock
Institute of Mathematics
Ulmenstraße 69, Haus 3
18057 Rostock

Associated staff

Dr. Wolfram Just
Niklas Kruse
Ilias Panagiotopoulos (finished)
Anna Dittus (beendet)