Summary of the work programme

In the project, the influence of biophysical stimulation on chondrogenic differentiation will be investigated in an animal model. Cell-seeded hydrogels and collagen scaffolds will be electro-mechanically stimulated ex vivo and subsequently implanted in a chondral defect model of the rabbit knee. Afterwards, the repair and the viscoelastic behaviour of regenerated articular cartilage tissue will be evaluated. Furthermore, tissue-specific differentiation and intercellular signalling pathways will be analysed in vitro in multifunctional osteochondral scaffolds by application of biophysical stimulation. In addition, research on an electrostimulative implant system for the in situ treatment of osteochondral lesions will be performed with regard to design, electric field simulation and experimental validation.


Rostock University Medical Center
Department of Orthopaedics
Doberaner Straße 142
18057 Rostock

University of Rostock
Chair of Mikrofluidics
Justus-von-Liebig Weg 6
18059 Rostock

Associated staff

Pedram Azizi
Martin Stephan
Prof. Dr. Thomas Tischer
Dr.-Ing. Roland Matzmohr (finished)
Alexander Riess