C02 - Electrical and mechanical stimulation of hyaline cartilage: Characterisation of biological response and stimulation parameters

Summary of the work programme

Within this project, the influence of electrical and mechanical stimulation on chondrogenic differentiation of human cartilage cells and mesenchymal stem cells will be analysed in vitro. For this purpose, we will use a specific stimulation chamber for experimental analyses of single and combined stimulation. Further, we will establish a multiphysics simulation model which should comprise the stimulation parameters and their influence on cells resulting in an enhanced understanding of the stimulation process. In the first funding period, the main goal of C02 is to establish and achieve optimised 3D cultivation of human chondrocytes and mesenchymal stem cells on novel collagen- and hydrogel-based biomaterials (scaffolds) by means of combined electrical and mechanical stimulation to derive effective therapeutic approaches.

Cooperation projects

A02 / A03 / A05 / B01 / B02 / B03 / C01 / C03 / C04


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Conference papers

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Project leader

Prof. Dr. med. habil. Dipl.-Ing. Rainer Bader
Tel.: +49 381 494 9337

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hermann Seitz
Tel.: +49 381 498 9090


Rostock University Medical Center
Department of Orthopaedics
Doberaner Straße 142
18057 Rostock

University of Rostock
Chair of Mikrofluidics
Justus-von-Liebig Weg 6
18059 Rostock

Fellowship holders

Mareike Specht (finished)