A01 - Domain-specific languages for developing multi-scale, spatio-temporal, bio-chemical models and their application

Summary of the work programme

To study cellular responses to external electrical fields, executing and relating simulation studies across spatio-temporal scales is required. Thereby, domain-specific languages can play a central role. We are going to a) execute simulation studies to analyse membrane related dynamics, intra-, and intercellular dynamics, b) explore, refine and apply domain-specific languages for modelling at different spatio-temporal scales, for specifying, executing, and documenting simulation experiments, and for checking spatio-temporal properties, and c) support the interactive process of model design and validation beyond individual simulation studies via artefact-based workflows.

Cooperation projects

A02 / A03 / A06 / C01 / C04



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Conference papers


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Project leader

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Adelinde Uhrmacher
Tel.: +49 381 498 7610


University of Rostock
Institute of Computer Science
Albert-Einstein-Str. 22
18059 Rostock

Associated staff

Philipp Henning
Tom Warnke

Fellowship holders

Philipp Henning (finished)

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