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News 2021

16.12.2021: Congratulations to Jan-Philipp Payonk, PhD student in subproject A02, for receiving the Faculty Award of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences! To the press release.
As in the first funding period, one award winner comes from the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. In 2017, Julius Zimmermann, also a PhD student in subproject A02, was awarded as the best Master's graduate from the Institute of Physics. To the press release.

December 2021: In the meantime, all approved doctoral and post-doctoral positions in the SFB have been filled. The proportion of women among these scientists is 42%.

November 2021: The 5th retreat of the CRC 1270 ELAINE took place from 03-05 November at Schloss Hasenwinkel. There was a very good and intensive exchange about the research topics of the CRC between senior scientists from the first as well as junior scientists from the second funding period.

July 2021: The second funding period has started successfully.

25 May 2021: The Senate and Approval Committee for Collaborative Research Centers (SFB) of the German Research Foundation (DFG) met on May 20 and 21, 2021. The reviewers and members of the committee approved a second funding period of our Collaborative Research Center 1270 "Electrically Active Implants" – ELAINE. This gives us the opportunity to research the subject of electrically active implants for four more years. We thank the DFG for their trust in our interdisciplinary research network as well as all participating employees in the SFB 1270 ELAINE for their outstanding research and the great cooperation within the team.

PRESS RELEASE (german)    PRESS RELEASE (english)

20 May 2021: The hip stem with integrated energy harvesting unit from project B02 is now implanted in an artificial bone and tested under physiological-like conditions (see video). A load of up to 1.9 kN is applied in a double-peak profile according to gait data. The energy harvesting unit is based on a piezoceramic element and delivers electrical energy for future smart applications. The oscilloscope shows the pp-voltage achieved during normal gait.

May 2021: Wenzuo Wei, PhD student in subproject A05, was awarded for the best oral presentation in the Biomedical Engineering and Technology session at ICBEA.

30 April 2021: In April 2021, Prof. Kevin Burrage from Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia, started his research at the University of Rostock at the Institute of Visual Analytics in cooperation with Prof. Adelinde M. Uhrmacher (project A01). This collaboration is made possible by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Research Award, which Kevin Burrage received in autumn 2020 at the suggestion of Adeline M. Uhrmacher. In cooperation with Adeline M. Uhrmacher, he is now continuing his research at the Institute for Visual and Analytic Computing to support personalised medicine. The research will focus on the development and implementation of new simulation approaches and is central to improving the use of electrostimulation as well as electrically active implants in therapy. You can find the full press release here.

19 January 2021: On 13 and 14 January 2021 the review of the renewal proposal of our Collaborative Research Centre 1270 ELAINE by the DFG and the corresponding reviewers took place. After we had submitted our renewal proposal to the DFG in November 2020, after almost 3.5 years, the intensive preparations by all staff members for the review followed. Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the review took place virtually. We would like to thank the DFG for their support in the application process and organisation of the event as well as the reviewers for their interest and feedback on our research. 

Project B02: first experiments on a hip stem with integrated piezo