C03 - Deep brain stimulation in dystonia models: Biological implementation, approximation of stimulation parameters and analysis of mechanisms

Summary of the work programme

Working with the hypothesis that deep-brain stimulation improves pathophysiological processes of dystonia (i.e. synaptic / cellular plasticity, inhibitory drive and network oscillatory states) by means of specific network alterations, whereby it depends on the stimulation targets and paradigms, we will a) analyse the mechanisms of action of deep-brain stimulation, b) narrow down the effective stimulation parameters, c) identify biomarkers predicting outcome and finally d) analyse and model the effects of deep-brain stimulation on the extended basal ganglia network. We expect this to help clarify the mechanisms of action of deep-brain stimulation and to have clinical translational impact for target and paradigm selection as well as therapeutic success prediction. 

Cooperation projects

A02 / A06 / B03 / C04