Temporary Substitute Positions for Clinicians

The temporary substitute positions for clinicians are funded by the support of the Rostock University Medical Center
and give clinicians the opportunity to do their own research in the field of electrically active implants.

Dr. med. Martin Darowski

Rostock University Medical Center
Department of Orthopaedics

01.10.19 - 31.03.20

"Entwicklung und Umsetzung eines Modells zur Charakterisierung der Einheilung elektrisch aktiver Implantate und von Umbauvorgängen im Knochen"

Dr. med. Dr. med. dent. Michael Dau

Rostock University Medical Centre
Policlinic of Oral-, Maxillofacial and Plastic Surgery

01.01.19 - 30.06.19

"Influence of electric stimulation in skin wound healing - a proof of concept and animal pilot experiment"

Dr. med. Mareike Fauser

Rostock University Medical Center
Department of Neurology

01.09.19 - 29.02.20

"Insights into DBS mechanisms: Regulation of adult neurogenesis through neuronal growth factors in the 6-OHDA-hemiparkinsonian rat model"

01.03.20 - 31.08.20

"Optimization of rodent DBS: application of a fully-implantable DBS stimulator in rats"