B01 - Electrically conductive and piezoactive materials for multifunctional implants for bone and cartilage regeneration

Summary of the work programme

In this project electrically conductive and piezoactive materials will be established that can be processed by additive manufacturing technologies in order to fabricate multifunctional implants for enhanced bone and cartilage regeneration. Electrically conductive polymers as well as blends of hydrogels and electrically conductive polymers will be used as feedstock for scaffolds for cartilage regeneration. Piezoceramics functionalised with bioactive glasses will be investigated, with the proliferation of osteoblasts being induced via the piezoeffect. Furthermore, highly structured titanium surfaces will be coated with electrically conducting polymers incorporated with bioglass in order to change their properties from bioinert to bioactive.

Cooperation projects

A01 / A02 / B03 / B05 / C01 / C02



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Conference papers


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