IRTG - Integrated Research Training Group

Scientific Coordinator

Nadine Berger

2018 IRTG Board

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Ursula van Rienen - CRC speaker
Prof. Dr. med. habil. Alexander Storch - IRTG speaker
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sascha Spors - IRTG deputy speaker
Dipl.-Geogr. Nadine Berger - IRTG scientific coordinator
M.Sc. Hendrikje Raben - IRTG members speaker
M.Sc. Abdul Razzaq Farooqi - IRTG members deputy speaker
M.Sc. Kai Budde - IRTG members representative for GA topics

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2018 IRTG Summer School (Copyright ITMZ/University of Rostock)
2018 IRTG Summer School (Copyright ITMZ/University of Rostock)


2017 IRTG Members
2017 IRTG Members

The Collaborative Research Centre (CRC) 1270 ELAINE aspires to achieve outstanding research in the transdisciplinary field of electrically active implants. It is thus pivotally necessary to provide young researchers involved in the proposed CRC with the highest-standard theoretical and methodological expertise for an insightful examination of the CRC topics, both general and project-specific. An excellent and stimulating interdisciplinary Integrated Research Training Group (IRTG) can support this, helping those involved to perform outstanding research, efficiently achieve their doctoral degree and build international networks. The IRTG encourages scientific independence and stimulates interdisciplinary research of the young scientists within the CRC 1270 ELAINE by offering a well-structured qualification programme that imparts not only scientific proficiency, but also social and professional key competences. Another central aim of the IRTG is to insure frequent communication within the consortium of interdisciplinary projects at the level of ELAINE’s doctoral researchers so that they learn to interact and cooperate with other researchers across various disciplines on topics relating to the overall theme of the CRC. The objectives of the IRTG are to enable the participants to autonomously plan and conduct research on a sound theoretical and methodological basis, to develop their field of research with original scientific contributions, to communicate and defend their results internationally at scientific meetings and in peer-reviewed publications, and to acquire key qualifications necessary for the advancement of their scientific careers.

The objectives are pursued by a structured curriculum comprising activities for peer-based knowledge transfer, permanently scheduled interdisciplinary seminars, the invitation of guest scientists, participation at conferences and summer schools, and regularly scheduled retreats. The doctoral researchers are actively involved in the planning of these events and organise a significant portion of the activities themselves. The structured curriculum is complemented by the input from the Thesis Advisory Committee (TAC) consisting of three senior members of the CRC. TAC members offer high expertise, broad experience, and dedicated guidance to the doctoral researchers. They meet with the young researcher on a regular basis to give feedback on progress and performance, and advise how to accomplish ambitious research aims. Moreover, mandatory external research stays are an additional key element of the scientific qualification measures of the CRC.

ELAINE internal IRTG meetings


  • Wed, 08.11.17: Dr.-Ing. Frank Krüger
  • Wed, 22.11.17: M.Sc. Kai Budde
  • Wed, 06.12.17: Martina Grüning & Simone Krüger
  • Wed, 13.12.17: M.Sc. Kai Budde
  • Thu,  04.01.18: 15:30 Biologist Meeting
  • Wed, 24.01.18: IRTG Member Meeting
  • Wed, 07.02.18. Dipl.-Ing. Hans-E. Lange
  • Wed, 14.02.18: M.Sc. Franz Plocksties
  • Wed, 14.03.18: Dr.-Ing. Frank Krüger
  • Wed, 21.03.18: Alina Schubert
  • Fri,    06.04.18: 13:00 Biologists‘ Meeting at „Roter Salon“, LL&M Building
  • Wed, 16.05.18: M.Sc. Andreas Ruscheinski, afterwards Biologists‘ Meeting
  • Wed, 30.05.18: Elisa Krummrich, Seminarraum 2, Institute of Physics
  • Wed, 20.06.18: Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Köhling