Publikationen 2018

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Abdul Razzaq Farooqi, Rainer Bader, and Ursula van Rienen:
Numerical study on electromechanics in cartilage tissue with respect to its electrical properties
Tissue Engineering Part B: Reviews, October 2018

D. Truong, C.R. Bahls, B. Nebe, and U. van Rienen:
Cover Image International Journal for Numerical Methods in Biomedical Engineering
Volume 34(8):page e3135, ISSN 2040-7947, August 2018

Kristina Yordanova and Frank Krüger:
Creating and Exploring Semantic Annotation for Behaviour Analysis
Sensors, volume 18(9):page 2778, August 2018

Duy Truong, Christian Rüdiger Bahls, and Ursula van Rienen:
An efficient 2D implementation of a bio-chemo-mechanical modelemploying a quadratic representation to study cells on micro-postarrays
Finite Elements in Analysis and Design, volume 146:pages 16-27, jul 2018.
Funded by RTG 1505 Welisa (D. Truong)

S. Runde, H. Ahrens, F. Lawrenz, A. Sebastian, S. Block, and C. A. Helm:
Stable 2D Conductive Ga/Ga (OxHy) Multilayers with Controlled Nanoscale Thickness Prepared from Gallium Droplets with Oxide Skin
Advanced Materials Interfaces,June 2018

Stefan Teipel, Alexandra König, Jesse Hoey, Je Kaye, Frank Krüger, Julie M. Robillard, Thomas Kirste, and Claudio Babiloni:
Use of nonintrusive sensor-based information and communication technology for real-world evidence for clinical trials in dementia
Alzheimer's & Dementia, jun 2018

Fiete Winter, Hagen Wierstorf, Christoph Hold, Frank Krüger, Alexander Raake, and Sascha Spors:
Colouration in Local Wave Field Synthesis
IEEE Transactions on Audio, Speech, and Language Processing, 2018

O. S. Jadhav, C. D. Yuan, E. B. Rudnyi, D. Hohlfeld, and T. Bechtold:
Nonlinear-Input Model Order Reduction of a Thermoelectric Generatorfor Electrically Active Implants
In Proc. International Conference on Bioelectromagnetism (ICBEM). Aachen, Germany, May 2018

D. Truong, C. R. Bahls, B. Nebe, and U. van Rienen:
Simulation of actin distribution of osteoblasts on titanium pillar arrays using a bio-chemo-mechanical model
International Journal for Numerical Methods in Biomedical Engineering, page e3097, may 2018

U. Verma, J. Bernhardt, and D. Hohlfeld:
Modeling and simulation of bioheat powered subcutaneous thermoelectric generator
In Proc. European Conference on Modelling and Simulation (ECMS). Wilhelmshaven, Germany, May 2018

Y. Bansod, T. Matsumoto, K. Nagayama, and J. Bursa:
A Finite Element Bendo-Tensegrity Model of Eukaryotic Cell
ASME. J Biomech Eng., April 2018

J. Ziebart, T. Sellmann, K. Porath, B. Delenda, U. van Rienen, R. Bader, and R. Köhling:
Orthopaedic Proceedings, volume SUPP_4:pages 44, April 2018

Daniel Kluess, Hans-E. Lange, Horst Heyer, Manuela Sander, Wolfram Mittelmeier, and Rainer Bader:
Supplementary finite element analysis in experimental testing of total hip stems
Materials Testing, volume 60(5):pages 489-494, apr 2018

Ursula van Rienen, Ulf Zimmermann, Hendrikje Raben, and Peer W. Kämmerer:
Preliminary Numerical Study on Electrical Stimulation at Alloplastic Reconstruction Plates of the Mandible
In Scientifc Computing in Electrical Engineering, pages 3-11. Springer International Publishing, 2018. Financed by budgetary resources bzw. Landesgraduiertenstipendium (H. Raben); H. Raben is IRTG-member

C. D. Yuan, O. S. Jadhav, E. B. Rudnyi, D. Hohlfeld, and T. Bechtold:
Parametric Model Order Reduction and System-level Simulation of a Thermoelectric Generator for Electrically Active Implants
In Proc. EuroSimE. Toulouse, France, April 2018

Kiran Kumar Sriperumbudur, Hans Wilhelm Pau, and Ursula van Rienen:
Effect of Tissue Heterogeneity on the Transmembrane Potential of Type-1 Spiral Ganglion Neurons: A Simulation Study
IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, volume 65(3):pages 658-668, mar 2018. Funded by RTG 1505 Welisa

Susanne Staehlke, Henrike Rebl, Birgit Finke, Petra Müller, Martina Grüning, and J. Barbara Nebe:
Enhanced calcium ion mobilization in osteoblasts on amino group containing plasma polymer nanolayer
Cell & Bioscience, volume 8(1), mar 2018

J. Bernhardt, U. Verma, and D. Hohlfeld:
Thermoelektrische Energieversorgung subkutaner Implantate
In GMM-Workshop Energieautonome Sensorsysteme. Dresden, Germany, February 2018

Christian Schmidt, Eleanor Dunn, Madeleine Lowery, and Ursula van Rienen:
Uncertainty Quanti cation of Oscillation Suppression During DBS in a Coupled Finite Element and Network Model
IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering, volume 26(2):pages 281-290, feb 2018. Cooperation with University College Dublin; nanced by respective budgetary resources

J. Ziebart, S. Fan, C. Schulze, P. W. Kämmerer, R. Bader, and A. Jonitz-Heincke:
Effects of interfacial micromotions on vitality and differentiation of human osteoblasts
Bone & Joint Research, volume 7(2):pages 187-195, feb 2018

Christian Rüdiger Bahls, Duy Truong, and Ursula van Rienen:
Semi-analytical representation of the activation level in stress fibre directions as alternative to the angular representation in the biochemo-mechanical model for cell contractility
Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials, volume 77:pages 527-533, jan 2018. Funded by RTG 1505 Welisa (D. Truong)



Vorträge 2018

Frank Krüger, Max Schröder:
Forschungsdatenmanagement im Sonderforschungsbereich ELAINE
DFG Workshop Umgang mit Forschungsdaten in der Materialwissenschaft und Werkstofftechnik: Best Practices in Koordinierten Verfahren, Göttingen, Germany, November 2018

K. Butenko:
Open-Source Simulation Platform for Deep Brain Stimulation
The 12th International Conference on Scientific Computing in Electrical Engineering (SCEE), Taormina, Italy, September 2018

M. Grüning, H. Rebl, S. Stählke, B. Finke, S. Neuber, H. Helm, B. Nebe :
Polyelectrolyte multilayers on titanium and their influence on osteoblast behavior
9th International Congress, Nanotechnology in Biology & Medicine, Graz, Österreich April 2018

F. Möws, J. Ziebart, C. Gabler, S. Krüger, D. Wolter, M. Ellenrieder, R. Bader:
Etablierung eines Tiermodells zur Untersuchung der Osseointegration elektrostimulierender Implantate
Vortrag beim VIII. Münchener Symposium für Experimentelle Orthopädie, Unfallchirurgie und Muskuloskelettale Forschung, München, Deutschland,  März 2018

B. Nebe:
Bone cells at the interface - influence of topography and chemistry
2nd Sino-German Symposium on Reconstruction and Repair of Musculoskeletal Tissues, Mainz, Deutschland, März 2018

A. Boccaccini:
Bioactive materials and biofabrication approaches for hard tissue regeneration
2nd Sino-German Symposium on Reconstruction and Repair of Musculoskeletal Tissues, Mainz, Deutschland, März 2018

U. van Rienen:
Collaborative Research Centre 1270 ELAINE,
acatech Themennetzwerk Gesundheitstechnologie, Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland, Februar 2018

U. van Rienen:
Computational Studies on the Volume of Activated Tissue in Deep Brain Stimulation,
Invited Talk, Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Leipzig, Deutschland, Februar 2018

H. Rebl:
Optimized cell-biomaterial contact due to plasma modification
EMN 2018 Energy Materials and Nanotechnology Vortrag, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Januar 2018