Keynote Speakers

“Our vision is the restoration of lost body functions” said Thomas Stieglitz from the University of Freiburg and on this note, he will open ELAINE 2020 by a lecture about neural prostheses and neuromonitoring.

John G. Hardy, head of the Materials Science and Engineering Research Group at Lancaster University, is focused on materials that interact with electricity, light and magnetism for a variety of technical and medical application tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.

Ma. Ángeles Pérez Ansón is leading the M2BE group (Multiscale in Mechanical and Biological Engineering) at Zaragoza University and will give a presentation about computational modelling in mechanobiology of skeletal tissue.

IEEE Life Fellow Yiannos Manoli will talk about the evolution of tissue-penetrating probes for high-density, deep-brain recording of in vivo neural activity. He presents a modular and scalable architecture that integrates the analog-to-digital conversion under the electrodes.

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Tuesday, 29.9.2020                    
09:00–09:05 Welcome                  

Keynote Lecture I

09:05–09:35Thomas StieglitzNeural implants in bioelectronics medicine: tools for diagnosis and novel treatment options

Session I: Developments in Electrical Neurostimulators

09:35–09:45 John Fleming Clinically-viable approaches for closed-loop deep brain stimulation in Parkinson’s disease
09:45–09:55 Kevan Hashemi An Implantable, Battery-Powered, Wireless, Stimulator
09:55–10:05 Franz Plocksties Towards an Energy Autonomous Implant for Closed-loop Neurostimulation
10:05–10:15 Maria Kober Development of a fully implantable rodent DBS system for long-term neurostimulation
10:15–10:35 Discussion  
10:35–10:45 Break  

Keynote Lecture II

10:45–11:15María Angeles Pérez Ansón Multiscale simulation of bone tissue regeneration                

Session II: Multiscale Modelling and Simulation in the field of Implantology and Tissue Regeneration

11:15–11:25 Hendrikje Raben Numerical Model of an Electro-Stimulating Implant for a Porcine Mandibular Critical Size Defect
11:25–11:35 Bojana Rosic Bayesian multiscale analysis describing mechanical response of bone tissue
11:35–11:45 Wiebke Radlof Predictability of the mechanical behaviour of additively manufactured porous structures for the application in load-bearing implant structures
11:45–11:55 Abdul Razzaq Farooqi Computational Modeling of Electroactive Hydrogels for Cartilage–Tissue Repair Using Electrical Stimulation
11:55–12:15 Discussion  
12:15–13:15 Lunch Break  

Keynote Lecture III

13:15–13:45John G. HardyElectroactive Biomaterials for Drug Delivery, Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine

Session III: Describing Therapeutic and Regenerative Electrical Stimulation – From Idea to Reality

13:45–13:55 Kai Budde Documenting an Electrical Cell Stimulation Experiment–Guidelines at Work
13:55–14:05 Abijeet Mehta Physiological electric fields induce directional migration of mammalian cranial neural crest cells
14:05–14:15 Judith Evers Characterisation of the electrode-tissue interface of chronically implanted stimulated and un-stimulated deep brain stimulation electrodes
14:15–14:25 Konstantin Butenko Stochastic optimization of deep brain stimulation in the entopeduncular nucleus in a hamster model
14:25–14:45 Discussion  


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Wednesday 30.9.2020                          
09:00–09:05 Welcome                        

Keynote lecture IV

09:05–09:35Yiannos ManoliThe Vision of Deep-Brain Recording neuroDSM – a Digital Fully-Immersible Silicon Neural Probe

Session IV: Electrical Conductive and Piezoactive Materials and Energy Supply to Electrically Active Implants

09:35–09:45 Sofiane Bouhedma Bioheat-based thermoelectric power supply to electrically active implants    
09:45–09:55 Dennis Flachs Biocompatible energy-harvester based on FEP-piezoelectrets    
09:55–10:05 Amir Azinfar Tuning the surface morphology of polyelectrolyte multilayer films by changing the chain length of the PSS macromolecule on a nanometer scale and examining its mechanical properties in pure water and NaCl solution    
10:05–10:15 Thomas Distler Enzymatically Crosslinked Oxidised Alginate Gelatine Hydrogels for Cartilage Tissue Engineering and their Potential for Conductive Hydrogel Derivatives    
10:15–10:35 Discussion      
10:35–10:45 Coffee Break      

Live Poster Session

10:45–11:15 Abstract #1-12        
11:15–11:45 Abstract #14-34        
11:45–12:15 Abstract #36-48        
12:15–12:30 Closing        

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